Dr. Clarke loses 40 pounds

During this fourteen year period Dr Clarke slowly gained significant body weight, going from 180 pounds to 220 pounds, and was at this point classified as obese. Being astutely aware that Alabama has a major obesity crisis, he realized that in order to maintain his health and to have longevity he needed to do something about this.

60 percent of the US population is obese. 80 percent of African American women are classified as obese. Alabama is ranked second in the country in obesity. Obesity is associated with increased risks for many medical conditions including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack and Stroke.

Dr Clarke took further medical training, did research and studied this serious issue of wide spread obesity in the country. He implemented for himself a low calorie diet and an exercise regiment, subsequently losing 35 pounds over a six months period.



Dr. Clarke is a former world class Olympian in Track and Field. READ STORY...

Dr Clarke will be opening a Total Wellness Center where he will work with patients here in Mobile to help them with obesity issues and general weight control, using low-calorie dieting and soft-exercise techniques.

Included in the Wellness Center will be other feminine care services such as Manicure, Pedicure and Massages.



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